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Twin State Basements is a hi-tech specialty firm utilizing nationally known patented waterproofing and foundation repair methods and materials to provide specialized engineered systems and solutions. Unlike our competitors, you are not limited to one method of repair, we are able to evaluate and recommend the best possible solution for your specific basement waterproofing or foundation issue. Homeowners, realty firms, builders, architects, and engineers will attest to the quality, reliability and service satisfaction of Twin State Basements. We believe in old fashion quality and it shows from start to finish.

Foundation Repair and Waterproofing Services

Our range of foundation repair and waterproofing services include:

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Twin State Basements provides homeowners in Hanover with basement and waterproofing solutions as well as foundation repairs. Contact us today at 844-326-3616 to start your path to a healthier home.

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Estimate Requests from Hanover
Ariko M. on June 28, 2019 8:08:38am
We bought our house about two years ago. There is an underground space surrounded by the new building (basement door), the old building (crawl space), and the bulkhead. Water comes from somewhere when it rains heavily or snow melts in spring and it accumulates on the bottom of crawl space and on the floor behind the basement door. The paddle progressively becomes bigger after the storm passes, then, it comes through the basement door. Water keeps coming even few days after the storm. Almost certainly correlating with water level. We would like to ask you to check where water comes from and tell us how to fix the problem. Is it possible you would come Wednesday, July 3rd? Please let us know. Thank you very much.
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A Healthy Home Starts with a Healthy Basement or Crawl Space!

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Healthy Basement & Healthy Crawl Space Certificates

Our high standard of quality ensures a healthy basement with a Nationally Backed Warranty.

Healthy Basement & Healthy Crawl Space Certificate

A Healthy Home Starts with a Healthy Basement or Crawl Space!

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